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Better Gender

Chapter 01

- Now -

Raven woke up tiredly from her nap with a pounding headache and knew something was happening in the living and told herself to not enter, but she got up and placed her cloak on. She walked out of her room, down the hall, and into the living room to see the boys arguing with Starfire which had seemed to be the first. Her shoulder shrugged boredly and hovered over to the kitchen counter and made herself some herbal tea as quietly as possible in case she would be dragged into this argument, but it was too late.

"Raven, who is the dominant of the gender, the males or the females?" Starfire asked with a delight mood, obviously happy she was awake to probably join her side.
"Females, now leave me out of this," the half demon sipped her tea.
"She’s saying that because she’s a girl!" Beast Boy waved his hands around.
"Yeah, if your so confident, what make you think you’re better than us?" Cyborg huffed.
Raven looked at them, "I didn’t say I was better, I said females are dominant over males, if you find my opinion disturbing, then don’t bother asking."
"I have told our male teammates that the females are dominant too but they do not listen! They say that girls whine a lot and don’t take care of them selves." Starfire cried.

"Boys have big egos and think their the rulers of the universe, and I took care of myself almost my entire life, Robin had Batman, Beast Boy had Doom Patrol, and Cyborg had his parents, your an alien princess who made decisions on your planet." Raven stated.

Robin scowled, "hey, it was better than being an orphan."
"Yeah, and my dad built this place." Cyborg stated.
"Yeah and-," Beast Boy paused, "I got nothing…"
Raven rolled her eyes, "guys depend on girls and-"
"Hey! That’s not true!" He defended himself.
"Yeah!" Cyborg and Robin sided.
"Will you let me finish?" Raven said coldly.
Terrified, they all nodded. "…"

She sighed, "males depend on females, and females depend on males. However, almost every species of animals, females depend on males for spawn, and males just want to use females for their own aroused purposes." Raven then shrugged, "it’s the same for demons too, but the communication with humans and such are different."

The guys blushed and tried to ignore her statement, "uh…"
"Friend, please explain in simpler words?" Starfire asked.
Raven looked at her boredly, "I think it’s best that I don’t explain."
"Oh please dear friend Raven! I wish to understand!" She begged and Raven whispered in her ear, and her eyes glowed, "you boys…!" Her fists began to glow.

"She said animals!" Beast Boy screeched in defense.
Cyborg gave Beast Boy to her as an offering, "here you go, he turns into animals!"
"What?! I’d NEVER do ANYTHING like THAT!" He cried out.
Robin pondered, "have you even gone through puberty yet Beast Boy?"
Beast Boy blushed, "of course I have!"
"If he didn’t, he wouldn’t get a squeaky voice." Raven smirked.
"I do not!" He squeaked and covered his mouth with a grumble.

Starfire giggled, "besides, we do all the shopping, females are dominant."
Cyborg protested, "we drive you everywhere."
"No you don’t, we fly, and I occasionally drive your car." Raven reminded.
"Oh yeah…" he grumbled, "well, we do more work!"
"You and the others play games while we clean."

"We cook while you do nothing." Beast Boy stated.
"You cook yourself," Cyborg replied boredly.
"I take morning showers which is when you cook, and I have tea for breakfast when Starfire cleans the dishes." Raven retorted with annoyance.
"Well, you girls can’t cook!" He covered his mouth instantly after the insult.
"We do the laundry, the shopping, most of the cleaning other than your rooms. Robin trains most the day if not riding his motorcycle, and you two lounge about."

"Plus, the cycle of the month isn’t pleasant either, you boys have it easy." Starfire huffed.
"Oh yeah? Well…" Robin blushed, "let’s not go on that topic."
Raven rubbed her head, "what started this argument anyways?"
"Beast Boy did the complaining that we do nothing." Starfire retorted.
She looked at him, "remind me not to save the galaxy again."
"But, you do have it easy, plus, we always have to take care of you two!" Beast Boy said.
Cyborg and Robin looked at him with pale faces, ‘we’re dead…’

"Human… human… human…" Raven pointed at all three, then her and Starfire, "half demon, and an alien. We have power, you have gadgets, shape-shifting, and robotic techniques" She then added with a shrug, "plus I can send you into another dimension."

Starfire folded her arms, "you think it is easy being a girl? I think it is easy being a boy."
"Yeah right, we have to fix everything," Cyborg chuckled.
"…" Raven was quiet, trying to contain her annoyance.
"Yeah, let’s see you fix something!" Beast Boy suggested.
"I’d like to see that-" Robin was interrupted.

"QUIET!" Raven said angrily as her chakra glowed and the Titans Tower had a black out, and she panted rasply, then collapsed on the floor heavily and groaned.

"Raven?" Starfire’s voice deepened and she gasped while covering her mouth.
"Dude, Star sounded like a- eep!" Beast Boy covered his mouth.
Cyborg sighed and turned on his shoulder light and pointed it at-, "Raven…?"
"Starfire, how about some light-?" Robin covered his mouth in surprise.
"Humph," Starfire lifted her hand and it glowed but she gasped at what she saw.
"What?!" The three guys screeched, then covered their mouths.

Raven started to stir in Cyborg’s light and grumbled, "let me guess," the Titans Tower went back online, and she lifted her head, "I got my wish again."

Beast Boy looked at himself and screamed, "I’M A GIRL?!" He checked- "LONG HAIR?!"
Cyborg’s eye twitched, "is this mechanically possible?!" He felt his head, "dreads?!"
Starfire yelled, "what is going on?! Why are me and Raven boys and you three girls?!"
Robin folded his hands, "yeah… that’s what I would like to know, Raven."

Raven looked at them boredly, her attire still the same so she covered herself with her cloak, "you all were giving me a headache, so I simply thought in my mind that if you all were the opposite gender, you would understand one another," she growled, "obviously though this also affected me as well. If anything blame the one who started it."

"Yeah Beast Boy-!" Cyborg grinned, "or should I say, "Beast… GIRL!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Beast Boy started to run in circles around the living room. "DUDE! THIS ISN’T COOL! TURN US BACK INTO OUR ORIGINAL GENDER!" He started to sniffle at Raven and she chuckled. "IT’S NOT FUNNY! TURN US BACK!"

Raven and Starfire exchanged glances with smirks, then Raven looked at Beast Boy, "but weren’t you three just saying that girls had it easier than guys?"
Starfire smiled, "now that you are girls, I am sure life will be easier for you now."
"That’s not fair!" Beast Boy cried. "See! Girls cry so easily!"
"You’re only fifteen," Raven stated, "your new hormones are different."
"You’re much more emotional, Beast Girl." Starfire noticed something, "I sound… rude?"
"I gave everyone the body and mind of the opposite gender, rude is natural for us now," she stated, "I’m going to my room to change." With that, Raven vanished.

Beast Boy poked his breasts, "they feel, squishy…"


"Ow!" He started to cry, "but their mine…"
"Pervert." Starfire mumbled, "I am going to my room, girls."
"I’m going to go ask Raven how long we’re going to be like this." Robin walked away.
"Dude she’ll… he’ll… Raven we’ll get angry, she’s- he’s- Raven’s changing!" Beast Boy rustled his long hair as he followed. "I’m a girl for seven minutes and I’m going crazy!"
"You’re telling me." Cyborg said sarcastically, also following.

Knock, Knock

"Raven, do you know when this will reverse itself?" Robin asked and heard muffled talking, "uh… Raven? Are you okay?" He heard walking come forth and backed away.
The door slid open and a shirtless Raven came out and glared at them but looked at one in particular, "Cyborg, can I borrow a sweater? None of my shirts fit anymore…"
"Uh…" Cyborg blushed, "s-sure." Cyborg now led the way.
"About this transformation, we’ll stay the way we are until we all learn a lesson about being the opposite gender." Raven stated, walking next to Robin.
"Oh wow! So cool!" Beast Boy screeched and started poking at Raven’s lower back.
"Eh?" They all stopped and the three ‘girls’ looked.

"Raven, since when did you have a tattoo…?" Robin asked curiously while starting at her raven tattoo on her lower back, practically a California License.
"Yeah! It’s totally awesome!" Beast Boy squealed while poking it.
"Can you not touch me? I’m already trying to deal with being shirtless let alone bra-less." Raven said with a grumble and they continued on to Cyborg’s room.
"Ew, do we have to wear bras?" Beast Boy gagged.
She shrugged and replied sarcastically, "up to you, I’m not your daddy."
"H-here Raven." Cyborg handed her a black sweater.
"Thanks." She took and placed it on in front of them. "I’ll be back later."

"Where are you going?" Beast Boy asked curiously.
"To go buy some shirts that can fit, why?" Raven asked back.
"Beast Boy, why you go with him- er I mean her!" Robin blushed in frustration.
When they left Cyborg’s room, Raven leaned against the wall boredly and stated, "might as well call me a guy, I’ve got the package to prove it."
"Ew! That’s so gross!" Beast Boy covered his ears.
Cyborg smirked, "well hey, he has a point."

"Great," Raven scratched her head with a uncomfortable groan, "first I had to worry about three raping boys, now I have to worry about three raping girls." He stopped with sarcasm, "well, who’s ever coming with me, say so, who ever stays here, find a way to divert other Teen Titan suspicion by giving us new identities."

"Beast Boy will go with you, his clothes are fitted for his body changes." Robin stated.
"Yeah, sure, I’m going to talk to Starfire real quick though, meet me at the entrance will you?" Raven asked boredly and Beast Boy nodded nervously, so he left.
Beast Boy blush, "this isn’t cool, Raven looks hot as a guy!"
"Heh," She chuckled while hearing that.
He blushed more, "oh my god…"

"Beast Boy listen," Robin stated, "Raven used a lot of power to do this, and I don’t know how much she has left, so I want you to make sure she doesn’t over do it."
He folded his arms, "why? I’m the girl, he’s the guy, their stronger her, remember?"
"I just want to make sure, and… can you pick us up some bras and underwear?" He blushed and was hit upside the head.
"I don’t need any bras! I’m practically a robot!" Cyborg scowled.
"R-right," he looked to Beast Boy, "for us then?"
"But… I heard there’s different sizes!" Beast Boy panicked.
"Ask Raven to help, he’s really a she!"
"I know but-!" Beast Boy was interrupted.

"Beast Boy, let’s go." Raven called from the end of the hall.
He looked at Robin, "I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll try."
"Beast Boy!" She yelled louder in case he didn’t hear her.
"Coming!" Beast Boy quickly rushed down the hall, "sorry."
"Don’t worry about it, you can still morph right?"
Scoffing, he jumped into the air, "don’t worry so much!"

Raven watched him jump and turned into a bird and sighed, "such a kid…" Hearing Beast Boy squawking, she levitated and followed the winged teammate.
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blame :iconcarrinth: for the idea >_x;; lmao <3

Story © *Emo-Shukun
Teen Titans © DC Comics
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